Di Maio sent to the EU, Lega: “Insulting Italy”

“The choice of Brussels is politically outrageous”

“The choice of Josep Borrell to indicate, in a letter sent to the Member States, Luigi Di Maio for the post of EU envoy for the Persian Gulf, is politically outrageous”. Thus in a note the senators of the League in the Foreign Affairs Committee express themselves on the decision of Josep Borrell. For the EU Foreign Minister, Di Maio is the “most suitable candidate” as written by Borrell himself in the letter dated April 21 and addressed to the ambassadors of the Cops, a letter in the possession of Adnkronos.

“A decision that also represents an affront to the will of the Italians who clearly expressed themselves on 25 September by choosing the center-right and not grillini or dem”, say the senators of the League.

“It is unacceptable that Brussels indicates Di Maio as the EU’s special envoy for the Persian Gulf. We have a flower of diplomats in Italy, but what are they doing in Europe?”, Lega deputy and deputy secretary of the party Andrea Crippa, a member of the Foreign Affairs Commission. “Despite the democratic choice of millions of Italians for a center-right government, the bureaucrats persist in picking from the deck of grillini and Pd. It is simply shameful”.