Di Maria denies farewell to Juve: “I’m not leaving in January”

“I’m happy in this club”

Angel Di Maria denies his departure from Juventus in the next transfer market in January to return to Rosario Central. “I’m not used to giving explanations when I read these lies, but it’s time to give them. I don’t know who invented the rumors that I leave in January, my statements that you have read and heard where I say that I will retire at Rosario Central (the club I started from) are recent, but they are statements I have made since the day I first came to play here in Europe in 2007. This does not mean that I want to leave TODAY, nor will I leave in January, please stop inventing news, I’m very happy in this great club, very happy in this city, “says Di Maria, currently stopped with a new muscle injury. The Argentine, who will be involved in the World Cup in less than a month, has largely disappointed – like all Juve – in the first phase of a bad season for the team coached by Allegri.

“When I am back in shape, I will give the team the best of me as I always did when I played here and in all the other teams I have been to – adds the ‘Fideo’ on Instagram -. I love to play football, I don’t like it. watching the games from home, I like to play them, so please don’t believe everything you read because it doesn’t help, it just blurs my name and club name. Thank you very much, until the end. “