Diablo IV, a video about customizing the heroes of the game

Ahead of the June 6th release, let’s find out the details on one of the mainstays of the game

In the new video of the Diablo IV Inside the Game series, the development team revealed details on one of the mainstays of the series, game customization. With General Manager Rod Fergusson, Game Director Joe Shely, Lead Class Designer Adam Jackson and Lead Game Producer Melissa Corning, the team explored the various ways you can customize your look and playstyle of the characters. In detail, it is possible to select one of the five classes available based on the player’s preferred style of play: the Barbarian is a master of close-range weapons, the Enchanter kills enemies from afar with elemental magic, the Cutthroat is fast and can fighting both up close and from afar, the Druid can transform into creatures and rely on the magic of nature, the Necromancer summons the dead to his side and delights in the use of blood and bone magic. You can choose from a variety of faces, hairstyles, skin tones and brands. Each class contains unique options for creating your character just the way you imagine it.

The Skill Tree provides skills, passives, and upgrades to unlock and upgrade. You can unlock a skill with one skill point and improve it with other skill points. The Leaderboard of Excellence is an endgame system that allows you to further refine your build. Assigning Paragon Points unlocks nodes that increase stats, modify skills, connect different skills, or change a character’s play style. Legendary items are very rare and powerful items that can be found by adventuring in the game world. There are different categories of legendary items and some of them can modify or improve a skill. You can improve your equipment by visiting artisans in villages to level up an item or add sockets. Transmogrification allows you to change the appearance of a piece of equipment or a weapon. Diablo IV will be available on June 6 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.