Diablo IV, Blizzard unveils the post-launch program

Diablo IV seasons will arrive in the weeks following its release, in June on PC and consoles

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the post-launch plans for Diablo IV, the long-awaited sequel to the historic franchise that returns on June 6 on consoles and PC. Post-release content includes Seasons experience, Season Track, Battle Pass rewards, new features, long-term maintenance, game balance, and updates. Seasons of Diablo IV will arrive in the weeks following their release, starting with Season 1. Each season will include new gameplay features and questlines that will introduce new characters, challenges, legendary skins, meta changes, and general improvements.

Each season is supported by its own Seasonal Route. By making progress in the Seasonal Path, rewards will be obtained and players will also advance in the Battle Pass; however, there is no way to speed up the Season Path. The Battle Pass is a way to earn rewards and has both base ranks and premium ranks, both unlockable as you progress through the game. Base ranks provide gameplay boosts to anyone to help level up seasonal characters. Premium ranks are unlocked by purchasing the Premium Battle Pass which unlocks premium currency for the shop and themed cosmetic items. Premium ranks will not provide any progression benefits in the game. In addition to the weapons and armor already unlockable within the game, the store will offer more diverse cosmetic options. No item in the Shop provides a direct or indirect game advantage, they are only cosmetic items offered on a periodic rotation.