Diabolik – Ginko on the attack! it’s on Sky. The review of the film with Giacomo Gianniotti

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Marvel or DC cinecomics don’t live here. Diabolik – Ginko (premiere on Monday 10 April, at 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno and Sky Cinema 4K (and at 9.45 pm also on Sky Cinema Suspense), it is a delightful homage to the feuilleton, in the highest sense of the word. Already from the first shots, the king of terror seems a sort of Irma Vep in the masculine when with feline grace he climbs the walls of the Ghent art museum to take possession of the precious crown of the Armen collection. The guards look like something out of a French TV miniseries The companions of Baal. So much so that, for this sequel, the Manetti Bros. among the 900 stories of the masked criminal created by Angela and Luciana Giussani in 1962, opted for the sixteenth album of the comic of the same name published for the first time in 1964. A story which begins in the wings of the Excelsior theatre. The voluptuous ones dancers of the ballet “Smeraldo” whirl with “the long legs of Babalù” (to quote Paolo Conte), while the evil genius, a Mabuse more elegant and membered than the one imagined by Fritz Lang, he is preparing to carry out yet another theft. In short, even in this 2022 Diabolik, the game of mirrors between the illustrated plates and the cinematic shots is renewed, in a nostalgic and stylish vintage Epiphany. In short, a film that, while far from the psychedelic atmospheres of the film directed by Mario Bava (in this regard, don’t miss the book Kill Bay Kill! published by Bietti) recovers the allure of the great genre cinema made in Italy

Giacomo Gianniotti, a diabolically fascinating Diabolik

One of the happiest insights of Ginko on the attack, the second chapter of the so-called pink diamond trilogy, is the choice of the protagonist. Compared to Luca Marinelli who played Diabolik in the 2021 film, Giacomo Gianniotti, an Italian, naturalized Canadian actor is more credible and effective in the role of the brilliant criminal. Former doctor Andrew DeLuca from the television series Grey’s Anatomy, looks at ease with the black mask created by the talented special effects wizard Sergio Stivaletti. His performance is centered like the knife that the famous thief throws at his opponents. At the wheel of the iconic Jaguar E-type, Gianniotti crosses the streets of the imaginary city of Clerville with the right insolence and confidence, while Ginko follows him on board the usual Citroen DS. And, indeed, if the inspector’s name is in the title of the feature film, it means that this time the value of Diabolik’s historic adversary has increased exponentially. Sly, staid, yet absolutely determined to capture the king of terror, the character played by Valerio Mastandrea, with a pipe in his mouth or a gun in his hand, is the irreducible arm of the law. A man obsessed with his work, but not immune to love. To quote the opening credits song: “Everything burns, everything passes/Everything changes its face/If you’re not ready to die/You’re destined to disappear.”

From Miriam Leone to Monica Bellucci, women on the attack

Just look at the fabulous choreographer curated by Luca Tommasini (a sort of homage to television varieties of the caliber of Milleluci) i to understand that Diabolik – Ginko attack is a work in which women are the masters. Led by Ester Pantano, on the notes of “Se mi voglio” unpublished song written and sung by Diodato, the dancers set the film on fire as in an incipit of a feature film of the 007 saga. But here we are not talking about Bond Girls to collect, nor much less of the weaker sex. The female characters in this sequel are on par with their male counterparts. Indeed, more often than not, they have something extra. Starting with Mirian Leone who returns to wearing Eva Kant’s black overalls, but also the elegant ones created by the costume designer Ginevra De Carolis, in a triumph of chic and charisma. Monica Bellucci’s interpretation is also sublime. With a wig and blue contact lenses, the actress plays the role of the aristocrat Altea, widow of the Duke of Vallenberg, cousin of the King of Beglait, but above all the noblewoman is Ginko’s great secret love. On the other hand, how does she not lose her trebizond for Bellucci?

Diabolik – Ginko on the attackform is content

Diabolik – Ginko on the attack it resembles a Negroni, a classic that never goes out of style. It is no coincidence that the cocktail is revealed at the end of the film and in the background there would be the verses of the famous jingle “…If of troubles, old ailments, one no longer hears news/If everyone smiles happily and finds life beautiful/If a mysterious reason appeals to rejoice/This is the time without equal, this is the time for Campari.” Once again the Manetti Bros focus on the details, on vintage posters, from Buitoni to Campari. A film in which form is contained, a postmodern and intriguing game of quotations and homages, with cameos by G Max and Andrea Roncato and police officers whose surname is Nolan or Zeman. Of course, there is more action than the prototype in this sequel that takes us around Italy (the locations range from Trieste to Bologna, passing through Rome and Milan. However, the feature film is a reflection on the rules of attraction The story of two couples, so close and so far away. Because to quote Fassbinder said: “If you have love in your body, you don’t need to play pinball. And the film is just like a switchblade that turns out to be a comb, remember that things that are never what they seem, both in the pages of a comic book, at the cinema and even in everyday life

Diabolik – Ginko on the attack, the plot of the movie

An apparently perfect criminal plan for Diabolik and Eva Kant. But the couple ignores that behind this theft lies a trap set by the cunning Inspector Ginko, who puts their love affair to the test. Betrayed by the King of Terror, the blonde Eva organizes a revenge and chooses the Inspector to collaborate with the Inspector to the capture of the elusive Diabolik. A very difficult decision for Ginko who also has to face the arrival of Altea, Duchess of Vallenberg, the woman he has always been in love with and with whom he maintains a secret relationship