Diabolik murder, family lawyer: ”From the records he is not a drug trafficking boss, clarify his role”

”We continue to read journalistic reconstructions in which Fabrizio Piscitelli appears as a drug trafficking boss in Rome but at present this role does not emerge from the records of the Grande Raccordo Criminale or from those of the ongoing proceedings for his murder. Instead, it would be necessary to clarify exactly who Fabrizio Piscitelli was, because perhaps this alone could lead to establishing the reasons why he was killed ”. This was declared to Adnkronos by Tiziana Siano, lawyer of the parents of Fabrizio Piscitelli, nicknamed Diabolik, killed in the park of the Aqueducts on August 7, 2019, after the hearing in the trial against Raul Esteban Calderon, accused of being the material executor of the crime. ” The latest press articles talk about watersheds but to date we still don’t know the real reason and who wanted Fabrizio’s death ”, she adds.

”On the one hand we have a sentence from the Court of Rome in the trial against Fabietti which does not recognize him in this way and on the other the conclusion of an investigative activity which leads to the archiving of the principals without clarifying the reason for this crime, the whose execution can only be defined as mafia-style”, he explains.

As regards the sentence of the Grande Raccordo Criminale trial which ”condemns Fabrizio Fabietti to 30 years in prison”, the lawyer underlines again, the judges ”expressly and clearly say that in that drug trafficking activity Piscitelli even a marginal role. So where and how does Fabrizio’s death fit?”.

”Even in the two extortion acts that are disputed Piscitelli is recognized as having a marginal role – he specifies – In one case he becomes aware of the extortion episode only and exclusively when it has been carried out and he somehow tries to recover some money and in a other case there are people who are subjected to extortion who would like to speak with him”. The lawyer states that for the family it was ”a blow to the heart” to read in the files of the principals’ archives ”that three years of wiretapping ended in nothing”.

”Fabrizio’s name continues to be everywhere but to date, identifying him as a boss has not led to a decisive investigation into the principals – says Siano – probably the investigation was not exhaustive and perhaps the reasons for his killing must be sought somewhere else. The investigations certainly led to a material executor, who is currently on trial, but according to the testimony of Calderon’s ex-girlfriend, Bennato would have given the order to kill Fabrizio because he had called him a villain. This does not necessarily mean that he was a drug kingpin”.

”Let’s at least hope that from the trial against Calderon, the evidence for which appears more than founded, we can trace the principals – he continues – Today there was yet another technical hearing, during which an attempt was made to have the of the referral request. The only thing that comforts us is the certainty of a continuation of the investigations by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which has spoken of classified documents and which expresses its willingness to shed definitive light on the balance of crime and on the right placement of Fabrizio Piscitelli”.