Diabolik, new teaser of the film with Luca Marinelli and Miriam Leone

A few weeks after the film’s debut at the cinema, 01 Distribution releases a new clip with some preview images of the awaited “Diabolik” by Manetti Bros. The new teaser offers the public a closer look at Eva Kant, the character played by Miriam Leone . The Catania actress seems to be really at ease in the role of the iconic thief of the famous comic.

A teaser dedicated to Miriam Leone

Fans of Diabolik, a sixty-year-old comic that boasts fans for well over a generation, know that the character of Eva Kant it is at least as central to the story as the male protagonist who gives the famous publication its name. For this reason, the weight on the shoulders of Miriam Leone, called to interpret the thief most loved by readers of the beautiful country and beyond, must not have been light.

The new teaser of about thirty seconds recently released on the net, shows a taste of the performance of the thirty-six-year-old actress who plays a very important role in “Diabolik” by Antonio and Marco Manetti. The clip shows Miriam Leone / Eva Kant exactly as the reader would imagine it: beautiful, cold gaze, focused on the lens only known to her. The tight editing of the half-minute of previews, after all, helps to enter the atmosphere of a film that is half a comic. The images overlap quickly and leave room for close-up close-ups of the characters or details of the setting, masterfully reconstructed to be as much as possible faithful to the comic by Angela and Luciana Giussani. Miriam Leone, moreover, has shown her commitment from the first photos related to the promotion of the film. To get better into the part, the actress gave up her traditional copper-colored hairstyle for the entire filming period, opting for Kant’s platinum blonde.

The wait for December 16th

That Miriam Leone was a good casting choice for the part of Eva Kant had already been known to fans for many months. In fact, photographic previews of a project that has suffered processing and distribution delays linked to the Covid pandemic have been circulating for some time (THE SPECIAL – THE UPDATES – THE MAP). Less than a month after theatrical distribution, they were then released the character posters of the main characters and even on that occasion the fans were able to appreciate the metamorphosis of the three main performers, Luca Marinelli, Valerio Mastandrea and Miriam Leone, placed in the context of the film. The three actors, interpreters, respectively, of the thief Diabolik, Inspector Ginko and Eva Kant, appeared really in line with the expectations that the public has had over time for this film, whose release, postponed several times and now officially set for December 16, has fueled a great deal of anticipation.