Diaco and the gaffe on Balsamo, but he doesn’t take it: “He was very sorry, poor thing”

Last night on ‘BellaMa’ the journalist asked for “an applause in memory” for the singer-songwriter. Then the apologies

“You beg him? But no, for heaven’s sake! It can happen that a presenter doesn’t remember whether an artist is alive or dead, it’s not the end of the world”. Umberto Balsamo talks amusedly to Adnkronos about Pierluigi Diaco’s ‘gaffe’ who yesterday, during the episode of ‘BellaMa’ on Rai2, after Manuela Villa had sung the famous song ‘Balla’, had asked for a loud round of applause in Balsamo’s memory . Having realized the ‘oversight’, Diaco himself had apologized to the singer-songwriter through the official channels of Ra2: “I apologize to him and to the public and I will also do it live when we return to the air on Monday”.

“But imagine, these things just amuse me” Balsamo cuts him short by saying: “This morning he called me, he was very sorry, poor thing. He was very kind and I told him he’s a nice person. I also wrote it on Facebook”. In fact, a post appeared on the profile of the 81-year-old singer-songwriter from Catania a few hours ago that says: “This morning I received a phone call from Pierluigi Diaco, journalist and presenter of ‘BellaMa’. Every now and then you meet nice people. Thanks”. Already yesterday Balsamo, with a great sense of humour, after Diaco’s gaffe had written the word “Presente!!!” on social media.

“These are things that can happen” adds the singer-songwriter. Episodes that usually bring good luck and prolong the life of those who fall victim to them. But Balsamo, who is not superstitious, defends himself: “But no, I am content with having what God has established for me”.