Diana Bolocco confessed what is the secret to being happy

Diana Bolocco, gave an interview with Velvet magazine and did it with an open heart. She confessed how he finds her life at this moment, in each of her areas. On the one hand, she confessed that during her life she has disappointed many people, but that she has always lived prioritizing herself and seeking happiness. She learned that the only way to be free often involves not fulfilling what is expected of one, and that mismatch of expectations is in charge of the other.

Diana Bolocco for Velvet magazine. Source: Instagram @dianaboloccof

between his confession, Diana Bolocco He declared: “I disappointed many people on the way to being happy. First, I disappointed by getting married super young, then separating super young, then getting on TV, flirting afterwards… And I don’t regret a thing”. In addition, she was happy with the interview, she did not hesitate to announce it on her Instagram.

In addition, Cecilia Bolocco’s sister analyzed how people worry too much about people, leaving behind their interests and objectives: “How many people are there who spend trying not to disappoint anyone?… Who do not accept their sexuality for not disappointing to their parents. There are many people who spend their lives trying not to disappoint. And that can’t be healthy.” she recounted Diana.

Diana and Cristian Sanchez. Source: Instagram @dianaboloccof

Also, Diana Bolocco She celebrated how her friends live life, and that it was no coincidence that she surrounded herself with these types of people: “I have a lot of super successful friends in their professions who are quitting their jobs. There are three of us who are in the same process of (thinking) hey, I have a catch that is incredible because it recognizes my abilities, because it puts me in the front line and how can I not be able to continue, if I chose ”.

Diana’s family. Source: Instagram @dianaboloccof

The obligatory question was about the departure of Diana Bolocco of the morning “Mucho gusto” and his professional future. Regarding this, she said that entertainment is her north. And she closed by commenting: “I was demanding a lot from myself on a personal level, like trying to prove to myself that I was capable, and it was super exhausting (she says about her last time on the morning show “Mucho Gusto” by Mega). Because it’s also good at some point to say ‘I have nothing to prove to myself or to anyone’.