Diana Bolocco revealed details of what the Big Brother Chile house is like inside

In the midst of the expectation for the upcoming premiere of the reality show Big Brother on Chilevisión, Diana Boloccothe host of the show, has revealed new details about what viewers can expect from this mega production.

During his appearance on the program “Contigo en la Mañana”, Bolocco shared some unknown details about the reality space. One of the most striking characteristics is that the participants will be completely isolated, without contact with any human being and without access to the producers. They will only communicate with each other and with the outside world through virtual screens.

In addition, the host emphasized that the program will be broadcast in real time, without any delay. Viewers will be able to see what happens in Big Brother from the comfort of their homes while it happens. Julio César Rodríguez, another member of the program, revealed that the Big Brother house will be equipped with cutting-edge technology. It will feature numerous cameras and microphones located throughout, allowing for 24/7 constant recording of the 18 participants.

Bolocco it also revealed the removal process for the show. The public will be the only one in charge of deciding who leaves the house, since only they will have access to what each participant says. Nominations will be made in secret, without the housemates knowing who has been nominated. In addition, participants are prohibited from strategizing, as Big Brother will tell them that it is not allowed. Each participant will nominate individually and everyone will find out the results at the same time.

Regarding the programming of the program, Bolocco revealed that it will air six times a week, from Sunday to Friday, with the last episode airing after “We can talk“. With these exciting details revealed by Diana Bolocco, the expectation for the premiere of Big Brother Chile has increased even more. Fans of the reality show and lovers of entertainment will be able to immerse themselves in a real-time experience, watching the coexistence of the participants in a house full of technology and intense emotions.