Diana Bolocco shows how to wear a total denim look after 45

He denim, a versatile and timeless fabric, has transcended the barriers of time and seasons, establishing itself as a favorite in the fashion world. Pants, jackets, skirts, dresses and shirts; There is no garment that has not been embraced by this iconic material. However, bring the total denim is to combine several denim garments in one lookis not always an easy task, although it is a trend that has returned strongly since the 90s.

One of the figures who has stood out for his ability to embrace this trend is Diana Boloccothe charismatic Chilean journalist and television presenter. Diana has proven to be a true master in adapting the total denim to different occasions and styles, from the most casual to the most sophisticated.

Diana Bolocco in total denim. Source: Instagram @railessia_shipp

For a look casual and comfortable, Diana Bolocco opt for a set of straight-leg jeans and a matching top, both with different jean cutouts. The originality of this outfit is provided by the gold hoop earrings and the round sunglasses, which break the monotony of the outfit. total denim.

If you want to imitate his lookhere we offer you some tips to get this trend right:

1-Play with the shades of denim: You can choose to wear the same tone in all garments to create a uniform and harmonious effect, or mix different shades to achieve a contrasting and dynamic effect. The key is to make sure the shades match each other and aren’t too disparate.

2-Add accessories that break the monotony: Accessories, whether bright or neutral colors, can be made of other materials such as leather, metal or plastic. The essential thing is that they add interest and personality to the look.

Adapt the total denim to your style and occasion. You can wear it both for looks informal as well as formal, depending on the clothes and accessories you choose. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe with your choice.