Diana Del Bufalo without makeup: seeing her natural will leave you speechless, she is beautiful

Diana Del Bufalo shows herself on social media without makeup: seeing her natural will leave you speechless.

We have known Diana Del Bufalo between the desks of the school Friends of Maria De Filippi. We will remember when she participated, in the 2010 edition. She entered the school as a singer, but in addition to having great singing skills, she has shown that she knows how to range from one area to another.

Diana Del buffalo, have you ever seen her without makeup? (source instagram)

After that experience, other doors opened for her. Today she is a very good actress. In recent years we have had the opportunity to appreciate it in several films. She is one of the protagonists of the very popular Rai Uno series God help us. The actress is very active on social media, where, here, her instagram channel has well over a million followers. On social media, he loves sharing shots and stories with his followers. She is never afraid to show herself for what she is. And on instagram, some time ago, posted a photo in which she appeared without makeup and without any filters: have you seen it natural?

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Diana Del Bufalo without makeup: seeing her natural will leave you speechless

Diana Del Bufalo is a much loved actress today. We met her at Amici in 2010. In the talent she presented herself as a singer and with her voice she conquered everyone. After that experience, the doors of the entertainment world opened for her.

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Very active on social media, she has over a million followers. In her stories she makes us laugh and have fun as much as possible, she loves to show herself as she is, beautiful, carefree and sincere. There is no shortage of shots, all beautiful and special. One caught our attention. This is an old photo, published a few months ago, in which the beautiful Diana shows herself without makeup and without any filter: have you seen it?

Diana of the buffalo without makeup
instagram source

Here is the shot we are talking about. Diana Del Bufalo has a spectacular and very bright face even without make-up. The actress is beautiful natural. The photo boomed with likes and received lots of compliments.