Diana Pifferi, “no tranquilizers in the bottle”

The result of the expertise

“The analysis of the contents of the bottle and the bottle did not reveal the presence of compounds of toxicological interest”. This is the conclusion reached by the experts Bruno Magliona, Domenico Di Candia and Giorgio Portera, charged with clarifying whether Diana Pifferi, the 18-month-old baby who died of starvation in her cradle, was ‘drugged’ with benzodiazepines by her mother Alessia, in prison on charges of multi-aggravated voluntary homicide.

The appraisal, decided by the investigating judge of Milan Fabrizio Filice, therefore excludes that the child was made to take tranquilizers to prevent the neighbors, in the absence of her mother who abandoned her for seven days, from hearing her crying. In the coming weeks, prosecutors Francesco De Tommasi and Rosaria Stagnaro could request immediate trial for the 37-year-old who risks a life sentence.

“The defense of Alessia Pifferi is not surprised by the existence of the probative incident, which among other things had already been partially anticipated by the results of the autopsy examination on the child. The absence of benzodiazepines in the bottle and in the bottle of water demonstrates that Alessia has always been genuine in her story and, on a legal level, that premeditation lacks concrete elements” explain the lawyers Solange Marchignoli and Luca D’Auria.