Did Kanye West have his teeth removed and replaced with titanium dentures?

When it comes to making people talk about themselves, one celebrity above all knows how to do it: Kanye West. The latest find? A titanium prosthesis which apparently replaces his real teeth. Or maybe it covers them. After all, discovering the truth – if Ye is involved – is not a simple thing.

Kanye West and teeth, a troubled relationship

On Wednesday, January 17, Kanye West posted an x-ray with silver fangs covering his teeth. Then it was the turn of a screenshot with a close-up of Jaws (the villain of The spy who loved me And Moonraker, two chapters of the Seventies James Bond). What was completely surprising, however, was the last story: the face of Ye – as he calls himself now – with his mouth wide open and, instead of normal teeth, two titanium prostheses. In truth, Kanye West’s teeth weren’t normal even before. As he himself confessed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, in 2010 he had the teeth of the lower arch replaced with ones diamonds. “More beautiful, and more rock star-like” to put it in her words. However, the titanium protest is on another level. Of cost and strangeness.

What we know about Ye’s prosthesis

According to what was reported by the Daily Mail, which first commented on the news, the Kanye West protests they would be definitive. And they would cost between 850,000 and 900,000 dollars. The model, designed by the rapper himself and created by Dr. Thomas Connelly and from famous dental technician Naoki Hayashi, however, raised some doubts. Also because the statements released are confusing. If the Daily Mail quotes an interview with Dr. Connelly talking about substitution, Complex gives a different version (also with quotation marks): “He hasn’t had his teeth removed: he still has his full set of teeth. Healthy and happy.” Things got clearer up Instagram. A dentist commented under the image of the prosthesis: “This case requires a lot of explanation. The article is confusing. Is it permanent or temporary? Is it a removable grill or is it a permanently cemented prosthesis? Please tell us more. Don’t I mean to judge. I just want more explanation because it is confusing not only for dental professionals, but also for the public. How is hygiene managed?” Connelly chose to respond, clarifying the matter: “We used a custom Proclaim device, co-manufactured with access areas for interproximal washing. The fixed prosthesis it was fabricated to mimic the exact occlusion. His phonetics are perfect. The prosthesis respects all aspects of dental technology, including functionality and the possibility of cleaning. No teeth were removed“. Other images clarify the physiognomy of the protest. The rest, the doctor explained, is Ye’s business.