Did the spark strike? Live the truth: there are no more doubts

Did the spark strike between the two? Live the whole truth: there are no more doubts in their relationship.

Did the passion between the two beautiful contestants of the talent show arise? It would seem so. The truth arrives live, the two explain everything.

Did the spark strike between the two? Live check the truth (Source Instagram)

The two boys apparently would seem very intimate even with the cameras off, pinched in decidedly passionate attitudes. Will a new couple be born? During the live broadcast of the fifth episode of the talent, the two finally put their cards on the table, and opened up about the feelings they have for each other. “I like her, she is a beautiful girl and she also has a beautiful character” says the person concerned. She replies “there is a lot of harmony”. Let’s see how things really went.

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Did the spark strike between the two? Check the truth live

Passion can inevitably arise between two young and handsome guys, especially if the dance floor is the accomplice! In fact, the couple in question is currently participating in the dance talent show, dancing with the Stars, led by Milly Carlucci accompanied by the faithful Paolo Belli. He is the handsome Alvise Rigo, a former rugby player, model and personal trainer hailing from Venice. She is the teacher and professional dancer of dancing with the Stars, is called Tove Villfor and comes from Sweden. A fascinating couple who immediately attracted attention to themselves, for their beauty, talent and above all the enormous affinity between the two.

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The spark has struck between the two
Source Instagram

Between the two there was immediately a lot of complicity, something that did not escape the public at home and also from some of the jurors, especially from Rossella Erra. Finally in the last and fifth episode aired on Saturday 13 November, the two came out and made great revelations. The model stated that within the program she is discovering very strong emotions, never experienced, adding: “I like Tove is a beautiful girl, she has a beautiful personality, we have a good understanding”. The beautiful professional dancer, on the other hand, is more measured in the words that she says: “now we are a team, that’s what matters, then if later it becomes something else we will live it”.

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The couple then preferred not to add anything else, and let their talent and harmony speak on the dance floor. We already love them! And we can’t wait to see how the relationship between the two will continue.