Did you edit the photos? To GF Vip the physique does not look like that of instagram

Did you edit the photos? To GF Vip the competitor’s physique does not look like the one in the instagram photos.

Big Brother Vip is doing a lot of talking. In particular, in recent days, attention has been focused on what happened to Marco Bellavia. The host left the reality show last Saturday. Several times he had manifested that he was mentally ill and had left some sort of request for help to his roommates.

Edit photos? (credits: instagram)

Request that was not accepted. Luca Salatino, George Ciupilan and Antonella Fiordelisi seem to have been the only ones to approach the former competitor. He had also confided to Antonella about her mental problems, telling about her panic attacks on the subway. He reported that he had recently realized that he was very empathetic. In the course of the confrontation he had not hidden the awareness of not being able to overcome everything on his own but perhaps with the help of his roommates he could bear more. But help never came. Indeed, the others often addressed him with unwilling words, mocked and mocked him.

Marco has thus decided to leave the game but after his farewell an even stronger fuss has arisen. Thousands of viewers have lashed out against what happened, saying they have bullied him. To be attacked were obviously the competitors at home who did not show humanity to man. For this, serious measures have been taken. After he left, life at home went on, between a chat and another and a discussion and another. In recent days, some users have launched ‘an accusation’ against a competitor. Many believe that he has changed the photos on social media because his body looks different at home: is it really like that? Let’s see how things stand.

Did he really edit the photos? At GF Vip his physique does not look like in the photos on instagram

In recent days the competitors have found themselves under attack for the release of Marco Bellavia. After the host has left the reality show, life at home seems to be going on. A competitor of the program found himself the protagonist of some comments, the reason? According to reports, his physique would not seem like what you see in the photos of him on social media.

George Ciupilan is the youngest of the house. The audience likes it very much. Although I like it, someone has noticed a detail by looking at it every day. At home he appears with a lean, skinny physique, he does not seem to have a sculpted abdomen as we see in an old photo posted on social media where he shows his abs. Someone then accused him of using photoshop to the shots he shares on social media. However, there is an explanation for all this or it could be this.

edited photo gf vip
GF vip, accuses (credits: instagram)

The photos that the competitor shows on instagram in which we see the sculpted abs were posted a few years ago. There is a shot published in 2019 and another in 2020. It could be that in the last period George has not trained much while 2 years ago he followed a constant training, showing the results. There is also another explanation, these photos were taken by professional photographers so it can happen that the professional inserts changes, whether they are a shade or other and that a different light highlights the abdomen even more. These are small details that the public does not miss. And we know that those who follow the reality show are always very attentive to what happens and are interested in the dynamics of the game taking to heart what happens.

Leaving this aside, George is one of the contestants he is really liking: simple, with a genuine personality, he knows when to say something and until now he has never been wrong in the eyes of viewers. Do you like it as a competitor?