Did you know that Maurizio Costanzo wrote five very famous songs? You know them all

Maurizio Costanzo is not only a journalist and a television presenter. He has also written several famous songs. You most likely know them all

Maurice Costanzo is one of the most loved characters of Italian television. Born in Rome on August 28, 1938, he started working on the radio, where he met his great friend Gianni Boncompagni. He reached the peak of his popularity when in 1982 he made his debut with his talk show Maurizio Costanzo Show, which is inspired by some US containers still very popular today.

Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi a few years ago (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

That program opened the door to several similar broadcasts and few know that its debut took place on Network Four and not up Channel five, as everyone might think. During his career he also had problems with the mafia. Thanks to the investigations, the attempt to kill him while he was at is known Rome, in the early 1990s. The career of Maurice Costanzo is known to all but few know how skilled he was also in the field of music.

The former man in the shirt with the mustache wrote fourteen songs during his career, at least five are very famous and have had considerable success. We bet you know them all? The challenge has begun, here are the five famous songs that Maurice Costanzo wrote and which were then brought to success by great Italian artists.

The five songs written by Maurizio Costanzo that you surely know

Soon you will have the chance to find out what is the list of songs written by Maurice Costanzo which have met with great success. Some of them are still broadcast on national radio stations. We’ll give you a small advance, also because it’s probably the most famous. You know If by phoninginterpreted mine? He wrote it himself.

  • If phoning (Mina): this song was published in 1966, contained in the Studio Uno 1966 album. The music was composed by Ennio Morricone while the voice is that of Mina, always perfect and wonderful in her interpretations. The song tells the story of the end of a love affair and even risked censorship for the phrase “Then in the dark your hands suddenly on mine”.
  • Having no one to wait for (Mino Reitano): this song is from 1969 and is the B side of the single Better one evening (cry alone) by Mino Reitano. In addition to Reitano and Costanzo, the other authors are Fiorenzo Fiorentini and Franco Reitano.
  • But… (Toto Cutugno): this song was released in 1979 and is sung by Toto Cutugno. It is present in the disc I want the soul, which contains a song that the artist from Fosdinovo brought to Sanremo in 1980, Only U.S.
  • How much I love you (Alex Britti): This song is one of the singles from the album Partyfrom 2005. Alex Britti achieved great success thanks to this song and also had other collaborations with Maurizio Costanzo in the following years.
  • Since you left me (Marcella Bella): the song in question is present in the album Beautiful female of 2012, which marked the return of Marcella Bella to the scene after a five-year absence. Other authors of the piece are Corrado Castellari and Cristiano Malgioglio.