Did you know that Natasha Stefanenko has a sister? Both are enchanting!

In Italy for many years now, the beautiful Natasha Stefanenko is very close to her family of origin: have you ever seen her sister?

Blonde, tall, very long legs and sky-colored eyes: from Russia Natasha Stefanenko she arrived in our country in the 90s to continue the modeling career that began with the victory of the well-known competition The Look of the Year in 1992. Her evident beauty allowed her to be noticed in a restaurant by the television director Beppe Recchia and from there her adventure on the Italian small screen began.

Natasha Stefanenko, who is her sister (Credits: Instagram)

Not everyone knows that, before the great success, Natalya Dmitrievna (this is his full name at the registry office) seemed to be destined for a very distant future from the world of entertainment. Born in Sverdlovsk, in Russiaon April 18, 1969, Stefanenko was in fact graduated in metallurgical engineering at the National University of Science and Technology in Moscow and only later did the doors of fashion, cinema and TV open to her.

After working on famous programs such as For all my life … ?, Festivalbar, Target, Convenscion and having acted in some films and fiction such as Police District 9, we recently saw Natasha as Beijing Express competitor. She participated in the famous reality show with her daughter Sashanow 22, had by her husband Luca Sabbioni.

Just in these days, the splendid 52-year-old was a guest of Serena Bortone in Today is another day where she spoke of the strong bond she has built over the years with her husband’s family. With her mother-in-law, Natasha has a very special relationship and on her Instagram profile you can find various shots of the two of them together. And on her social networks, the former model also shares many photos with her family of origin: it is precisely here that she checks the selfie with her sisterhave you seen it?

Natasha Stefanenko and her sister: do you notice the similarity?

Born into a Soviet Russian family, Natasha Stefanenko’s mother worked as a kindergarten teacher while her father, a nuclear engineer, worked at a Soviet military site.

Among the many photos that fill the wall of the blonde Russian showgirl, the one with her sister cannot go unnoticed Alina. The affection that binds both of them is evident and the similarity of the facial features certainly does not escape.

United by light colors of eyes and hair, nose and mouth are also very similar. Last year, on the occasion of Alina’s birthday, Natasha dedicated a post to her that read: “You often ask me: ‘Do you have a sister?’ Yes, here it is! The most beautiful and best sister in the world ”.

Natasha Stefanenko sister
Natasha Stefanenko selfie with her sister (Credits: Instagram)

We are very struck by the shape of the lips, almost identical for both, do you agree?