Did you recognize it? She hosted the first edition of Non è la Rai: today she is very much loved and super famous

She was the presenter of the very first edition of Non è la Rai: did you recognize her in this shot? Today she is beloved and super famous!

It was one of the craziest programs of the 90s, It’s not the rai. Aired for the first time in 1991, Gianni Boncompagni’s transmission was able to collect a truly impressive success. And even now, despite years have passed since its first broadcast and its end, it continues to be remembered with an impressive affection.

He hosted the first edition of Non è la rai: did you recognize it? Photo Source: Youtube

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During these four editions of Non è la Rai, let’s face it, we had the opportunity to meet many girls. Some managed to ride the crest of the wave after the program. And others, on the other hand, have literally disappeared from our small screen. One thing, however, we must admit: the success of the show is not only due to the very young people who got involved, but also to those who took over the reins. We are talking about the conductors. Speaking of which, remember who was there host of Non è la Rai during its first edition? Today she is really loved!

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She was the host of Non è la Rai during the first edition: did you recognize her?

Did you manage to recognize who this is in the shot? To date, she is a very famous and super-loved presenter, yet here we have shown her to you during her unforgettable experience at the helm of Non è la rai. It was exactly 1991 when Gianni Boncompagni’s broadcast was aired for the first time and it fascinated everyone, so much so that, after that, three other editions alternated.

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Who are we talking about, though? Well: if you look carefully at the shot, you will have absolutely no difficulty in recognizing it! We are talking about the legendary Enrica Bonaccorti! Joined the program in the first edition, the very nice Roman was the host of Non è la Rai during its first edition. After it was followed by Paolo Bonolis and, finally, by Ambra Angiolini.

first edition is not the rai
Photo Source: Instagram

Tell us the truth: did you recognize it?