Did you see the photo he uploaded? Sabrina Sosa was uncovered in networks and compared to the Mona Lisa

The influencer and diva of Fitness Sabrina Magali Sosa She was again filled with Likes on Instagram with a publication in which she made it clear why she is considered one of the most beautiful women in the Chilean universe of networks and entertainment.

In a very simple post on Instagram, Sabrina Sosa dazzled with a playful but elegant black and white photograph that she captioned with a simple caption: “What else to say? I think this image reflects me as I am and also tells part of my story? Thank you @casa_emma !!!“And he closed by saying to all his fans “Have a great week!”

Look at the photo Sabrina posted below

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Sabrina Sosa on Instagram

One of the particularities in Sabrina Sosa’s career has been that her posts on social networks have many reactions and it is not only hearts but also comments that tend to fold the conversation space with messages that are usually applause and blessings for the internet celebrity. .

Sample of that emphatic fanaticism is a comment that compared it to nothing more or less than one of the most important works of art in the history of mankind and said: “Monalisa is an espadrille in front of this painting…??????” Another user, perhaps less emphatic but just as enthusiastic, noted: “Literally a work of art”