Didacta Fair, from 20 to 22 October the school of the future arrives in Sicily

From 20 to 22 October, innovation in the Italian school arrives in Sicily where the first edition of Fiera Didacta Edition Siciliana will take place in the spaces of Sicily Fiera Exibithion Meeting Hub in Misterbianco, in the province of Catania, repeating the ‘winning’ format of national edition. A total of 230 events are proposed by both the scientific committee and the companies, including immersive workshops, seminars and conferences that have didactic innovation as their leitmotif. The program offers a wide range of opportunities for managers, teachers of kindergartens, primary, lower and upper secondary schools, the world of research and academia.

The training activities will concern, among others, coding in the teaching of disciplines, valential grammar, the use of Instagram and Tik Tok as a platform for innovative teaching, flipped for the development of soft skills in orientation teaching and strategies for inclusion to combat early school leaving. Furthermore, on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Mario Lodi, to whom the event is dedicated, on October 22 there will be a seminar “Putting the child at the center of the school”, organized by the National Committee for the celebrations of the centenary of Mario’s birth. Lodi, in collaboration with Indire. During the Fair, teachers will be able to find desks to participate or get information on Erasmus and PON programs.

The event is aimed at all levels of education and training: nursery school, area 0-6, primary, first and second grade secondary, professional institutes, ITS, universities, scientific research and professional training institutes, as well as professionals from around the world. of the school, companies and professionals in the school supply chains.

“Indire, which has always been an institutional partner of Fiera Didacta Italia, is taking part with great interest in this first edition in Sicily – declares Cristina Grieco, President of Indire -. The objective of the scientific program, for which Indire is traditionally responsible, is to make known to the teachers, school managers and all people who work in the world of school, the main news regarding educational innovation. For three days, it will be possible to get in touch with the initiatives and projects managed by Indire, such as Stem, laboratory teaching , the experiments on technologies and music in the classroom, the networks of the Educational Avant-gardes, the Small Schools and eTwinning, the monitoring and research carried out on the Higher Technical Institutes. The edition to be held in Catania is therefore proposed as an opportunity to speak with Sicilian schools, institutions and territories “.

The more than 75 participating companies (leaders in the school sector) will present important innovations, starting from the electronics sector (robotics, automation systems, new generation Lims, etc.), applications, such as immersive classrooms, the metaverse, augmented reality and also many new proposals in terms of innovative 4.0 educational environments, learning ecosystems and latest generation digital and editorial content.

“After five successful years in Florence, together with Didacta International in the role of partner and Indire as scientific partner, from 20 to 22 October we organize for the first year, in the spaces of Sicilia Fiera Exhibition Meeting Hub in Misterbianco, in the province of Catania , the Sicilian edition of FIERA DIDACTA, in collaboration with the Sicilian Region putting at the service of teachers and educational institutions of the island a scientific program of the highest level and the most innovative proposals of the over 75 participating companies “declares Lorenzo Becattini president of Firenze Fiera . “In fact, it is necessary to think of a structurally different school model because there are different problems that society is facing today and Didacta will represent in Sicily the physical place for a lively and stimulating discussion on the new directions of the school of the future”, concludes Becattini. The Sicilian edition of Fiera Didacta Italia is organized by Firenze Fiera in collaboration with the Sicilian Region. Scientific partner is INDIRE, the National Institute of Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research. Partner: Didacta International. The exhibition proposes a scientific program of the highest level, making use of an organizing committee which includes, alongside Firenze Fiera, the Ministry of Education, the Sicilian Region, the Regional School Office, the Metropolitan City of Catania, the Municipality of Catania, the Municipality of Misterbianco, the universities of Catania, Palermo, Messina and the Kore University of Enna.