Died after the Screw to the Limit surgery: shocking, an unimaginable drama

Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient died after Limit Screw surgery: shocking, a truly unimaginable drama.

We are used to telling you stories of great transformations or tragic griefs, but what happened to Lives to the Limit a couple of years ago it will give you goosebumps. Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient had chosen to ask him for help to get back in shape, but she never expected that some time after surgery of bariatric surgery would be dead. An unimaginable drama, therefore, which shocked everyone. Let’s find out what happened in the Houston clinic.

Died after surgery. Credits: discovery

It was exactly the twelfth episode of the eighth season of Lives on the Edge when the 41-year-old from Louisiana showed up at the Houston clinic due to her dramatic history and heavy weight. She weighed nearly 300 kg at 41, but her life was completely nil! Because of her extra pounds, in fact, the woman was unable to do practically anything, completely depending on her sister. A situation, therefore, decidedly unsustainable that led her to ask the Iranian surgeon for help. What happened in the clinic? Really the unthinkable: the woman managed to lose weight and get the pass for the surgery, but a few months later she tragically died.

Vite al Limite, who died after surgery: inexplicable drama

Having joined the Houston clinic weighing nearly 300 kg, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient had amply demonstrated that she strongly wanted to get back in shape. In fact, it was just like that. In a little while she lost a lot of weight and received the ‘yes’ for the bariatric surgery. We do not know what happened some time later from it, but on the web it is said that the woman was very bad enough to have also been induced a pharmacological coma. The 22nd of September 2020, however, is dead after some time from the intervention.

Coliesa McMillian is the protagonist of this incredible drama a Lives to the Limit! The woman had managed to reach 291 kg due to her tragic story, but she would never have imagined this tragic ending.

What happened to Coliesa?

We told you about a ‘tragic story’, but what really happened to it? It would appear that Coliesa had this attachment to food as a child. Due to her childhood of her and an alcoholic father, McMillian realized too soon that her junk food could comfort her and she started eating a lot. With the death of his mother, then, and the violence suffered at the age of 12, however, the situation has worsened even more until it reaches extreme levels. Lastly, the tragic death of comrade Malvin in a car accident just when she had managed to find her serenity and stability to make matters worse.

screw at the intervention dead limit
Coliesa McMillian. Credits: Discovery

Unfortunately, Coliesa also joins that list of patients who tragically died.