Differentiated autonomy, Calderoli appoints Cassese as head of the committee of experts

“The chambers will not be ousted, Parliament will remain the dominus” assures the jurist in the face of criticism from the opposition regarding the establishment of the Committee of 61 experts appointed by the government with the task of identifying the essential levels of services, preliminary to approval of differentiated autonomy

The Committee for the identification of the essential levels of services (Clep) preliminary to the approval of the differentiated Autonomy takes shape and will be chaired by Professor Sabino Cassese, former judge of the Constitutional Court. “For the first time, 61 of the highest authorities in the administrative and academic fields, constitutional, European and international law, economics and mathematics will meet” announced the Minister for Regional Affairs Roberto Calderoli. “The prestigious group of experts will operate in synergy to finally identify those civil and social rights that the Italian citizen can claim from the various constituent subjects of the Italian Republic” Calderoli points out.

Cassese on the constitutional norm

The opposition criticizes the government’s choice and speaks of “exhausted” chambers. But Cassese assures: “Parliament will remain the dominus”. Comments and criticisms outdated, according to the jurist who observes: “Only the problem of the act with which to determine the essential levels of services remains open. At this point, there is a constitutional provision contained in the third paragraph of article 116 and there will be a law, the one for which the government has taken the initiative, which, once approved by the Parliament, implements the constitutional norm.The latter provides that other matters can be attributed by law to the regions that request it, on the initiative of the region concerned, having consulted the local authorities and respecting the principles set out in article 119. That law must be approved by the Chambers of Deputies with an absolute majority of the members after an agreement between the State and the region concerned.Therefore, a complex procedure which seems to me to ensure all the necessary guarantees” concludes Cassese.

Calderoli: We will face an historic challenge together

“I extend my heartfelt thanks to all those who have joined, accepting this assignment out of a high sense of responsibility and service, with the ambitious goal of filling a regulatory vacuum that has been waiting to be filled for the past 22 years” declared Minister Caleroli. ” I am receiving many requests to be able to join the committee, even from former regional governors whose experience can certainly prove useful and will certainly be invaluable. Together we will face an historic challenge, to finally identify those civil and social rights established in the first part of the Constitution which they cannot be considered right or left but belong to all Italian citizens” concludes Calderoli.