Differentiated autonomy, Calderoli bill today under discussion in the Senate

One hundred mayors from Southern Italy, almost all from the center-left and the M5S, take to the streets to protest in front of the prefectures against the reform

The discussion of the Calderoli bill on the implementation of differentiated autonomy begins today in the Senate chamber. The work will begin in the afternoon when Minister Nordio will give the report on the administration of justice, while question time is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

Against the reform, which according to critics would sanction the “disunity” of Italy, one hundred mayors from the South took to the field, almost all from the centre-left and the M5S, who joined an appeal from the senators of their territories by organizing demonstrations in front of the prefectures.

The protest

In Basilicata alone, around 60 mayors out of 131 have joined, starting with the mayor of Matera, Domenico Bennardi, of the M5S. The mayor of Foggia, Maria Aida Episcopo, Franz Caruso, mayor of Cosenza, Vincenzo Voce and Nicola Fiorita, mayor of Crotone and Catanzaro respectively, just to mention the most important municipalities, also signed the document.

“Every mayor who administers public affairs in the South – they explain from the association of mayors of the South – knows how difficult it is to guarantee what the citizens ask for and what would be needed by future generations in a context of total socio-economic difficulty and serious administrative shortcomings With extreme regionalism, the greater efficiency that the minister Roberto Calderoli flaunts to justify his proposal, whose sole purpose, in reality, is to give back weight to the League, would not be created. Instead, it would lead to a worsening of the conditions of the municipalities of the South “. “It is estimated – explain the mayors – that the proposal to revise the Pnrr obtained by Minister Raffaele Fitto will especially affect the southern regions, which will suffer a cut of 7.6 billion, half of the 15.9 that is expected to be reduced. For not to mention the elimination of the SEZs and the 4.4 billion diverted from the infrastructure equalization fund in a nation which in terms of railways and roads is literally cut in two, high speed in the North, great slowness in the South”.

The process

Meanwhile, it is not excluded that the final vote will be postponed to next week, thanks to the waiting for the opinions of the Budget Commission on the proposed amendments: in total 336 and six agendas, of which two from Fratelli d’Italia and none from Lega and Forza Italia . A summit of the majority groups is also scheduled today to resolve the final issues of the bill. According to what we learn, FdI fears that the transfer of subjects such as health and education will penalize the southern regions in terms of money available: the formal objective is “to avoid unequal treatment between Regions”. Hence the two proposed amendments which aim to obtain that the funds to cover any greater costs linked to the implementation of the Essential Performance Levels (Lep) are also increased for the Regions that have not requested differentiated autonomy.

The oppositions also promise a common battle, supported by 153 amendments from the Democratic Party, 121 from the M5s, 50 from the Misto group, 8 presented by Italia viva and one from the Autonomy group. “The majority is forcing a law that will split Italy. We will do everything to stop them”, explained Francesco Boccia, Dem group leader in the Senate.