Difficult to recognize Edoardo Donnamaria in this photo: years ago it was completely different

It is difficult to recognize Edoardo Donnamaria in this photo: the competitor of the Gf Vip was completely different years ago.

Big Brother Vip has been capturing the attention of viewers since it began. Twists and turns are the order of the day. In recent weeks, the relationship between Edoardo Donnamaria and Antonella Fiordelisi has caused a lot of talk. Not only that, the latter also found herself at the center of discussions with the other roommates.

Edoardo Donnamaria, photo (credits: youtube) sologossip

In recent days, the couple had several quarrels, so much so that the competitor told Antonella that their ‘relationship’ was over. But we have also seen that in these hours the two are back together. Apparently their relationship is experiencing many ups and downs. However, the fans believe in it and have also created a hashtag that is often trendy, i donnalisi. What will happen? We’ll see.

Donnamaria is famous for his presence at the Forum but also for his work on the radio. The competitor has been in Barbara Palombelli’s show for years. Many will not know that he graduated in Law but above all many will not have seen him a few years ago. On his instagram channel he has shared some shots from the past over the years: what we are about to show you will leave you speechless.

Difficult to recognize Edoardo Donnamaria in this photo: years ago it was completely different from today

Edoardo Donnamaria in recent weeks he has shown that he is feeling a little unwell due to his relationship with Antonella Fiordelisi. The two can be defined as a ‘couple’ but these days they have argued several times. At one point the competitor had said that everything was over and then retraced his steps.

When he entered the presentation video, he did not hide a previous interest in Micol Incorvaia, now a competitor of GF Vip. And when the latter made its entrance there were small squabbles that were resolved. Indeed, today Micol has a very close bond with Edoardo Tavassi. But what do we know about Donnamaria? You will be aware that he is a beloved face of the Forum and works in radio, as well as having a law degree. But have you ever seen how it was a few years ago?

very young edoardo donnamaria
Photos years ago (credits: instagram) sologossip

This shot from the past will leave you speechless, as it is completely different. Looking at him, would you have recognized him? Edoardo had another haircut and it’s really difficult to recognize him with this look: “I swear, when I thought I wanted to become Bob Marley, hair wasn’t a problem… I’m a little ashamed but how beautiful the 17″ were, he wrote accompanying. The GF Vip competitor would appear to be 17 years old in the shot, as he reports and then had a completely different style than today.