Digital, BetterThis platform broadens Caritas Ambrosiana solidarity range

Collaboration for the 36th World Volunteer Day, € 142,000 raised in 5 months

Thanks to an innovative digital platform of MeglioQuesto, the range of solidarity of Caritas Ambrosiana widens. The new ‘digital solidarity’ project sees together – for the 36th World Volunteer Day – Caritas Ambrosiana and MeglioQuesto which, through digital technology, have recorded a collection of 142,000 euros in five months. The multichannel customer experience company has in fact made available to Caritas Ambrosiana “its know-how to increase support in solidarity with the community and the most vulnerable people” by developing “an advanced digital network platform used by smart working volunteers” who deal with collection of donations. On the occasion of the 36th World Volunteer Day, which is celebrated on Sunday 5 December, MeglioQuesto analyzed the data noting that “after an initial phase of 180 hours of training carried out at the beginning of June 2021, 142,000 euros were raised in five months thanks to the work of 50 volunteers who managed about 1,120 volunteer hours “.

Volunteers can donate their time with extreme flexibility by inserting the solidarity activity parallel to the professional commitments, thus guaranteeing a daily continuity of the service. “The challenge, which the pandemic imposed on us, to humanize digital spaces has been met with determination by the ‘telematic angels'” explains Luciano Gualzetti, director of Caritas Ambrosiana. “In about five months – he continues – they have allowed us to tangibly experience the great humanity of people. The health emergency has confirmed, in fact, that it is not necessary to be close to be in solidarity and inclusive. Phone calls, emails, even the controversial social networks have helped win the solidarity game and with the ‘telematic angels’ we are scoring a point in our favor “.

Born as a service with free access to benefactors, the project has evolved into actions of external contacts, always supported by the technology of MeglioQuesto, to inform donors of the new Caritas Ambrosiana initiatives. “Digital solidarity has shown all its potential and competitive advantage, by virtue of inclusiveness, capillarity and its great adaptability to everyone’s needs “says Felice Saladini, CEO of MeglioQuesto Spa.” In the current economic and social context – underlines the CEO – is really important to give your support to organizations that do an extraordinary work of social inclusion such as Caritas. We have made available our technology and our skills to support solidarity with the same method and tools with which we take care of developing our customers’ businesses. We helped the volunteers to manage what they do best, that is to support those in need and humanize the relationship with the donor “. The ‘telematic angels’ respond at 02.40703424 from 10 to 20 from Monday to Saturday and the service is provided by Caritas Ambrosiana in collaboration with MeglioQuesto.