Digital education in Poste Italiane: energy meets technology

A webinar to discover the innovations in progress

On Wednesday 26 October in the webinar of Poste Italiane “Is the future of energy tech?”, Stefano Fumi, head of the Energy project at PostePay, will illustrate the developments that are involving the entire energy management chain, from the purchase of raw materials to process review with a view to improving the end customer experience.

The meeting between Energy and Technology led to the birth of the term Enertech, which welcomes and identifies the innovative aspects that are affecting the sector. The path of innovation, in fact, is involving the definition of the offer, the improvement of processes, the user experience and the purchase models of raw materials.

The Corporate University Digital Education project aims to provide users with an overview of technological and digital innovations, through free webinars and multimedia content always available within the web section, such as podcasts, games, infographics and video pills.

The webinar is free and you can register from the web section of Digital Education.

The initiative is part of the company’s broader program as a guide for citizens in the development of knowledge and ever greater skills between technology and innovation. The activities can be followed on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter through the hashtag #educazionedigitale and in the stories section of Instagram.