Digital education in Poste Italiane: smart building and energy efficiency

Consumption and environmentally conscious buildings

Poste Italiane is organizing the “Energy efficiency and Smart Building” webinar on Wednesday 30 November in which Piero Speranza, Project Manager of energy efficiency and Smart Building projects in the company’s real estate sector, will illustrate the level of technological maturity of digital architecture.

During the webinar, the concept of smart building will be explored, which means looking at the building as a whole in its ecosystem, taking into account all the factors involved both in terms of structure and housing. In addition to the fundamental energy issues, it is in fact necessary to also consider the comfort of the spaces, the safety of the systems and the health of the occupants. In order to increase the level of technological maturity of digital architecture, integrated and modular, interoperable solutions that can communicate with each other are needed, based on automation, IOT, digital systems, AI systems and which will lead to the creation of real smart cities . Buildings that are built according to the logic of smart building are a concrete tool for energy saving and decarbonisation.

It is possible to register for the free webinar from the Digital Education web section

This webinar also positions the Company as a guide for citizens in developing knowledge and increasing skills between technology and innovation. The activities can be followed on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter through the hashtag #educazionedigitale, in the Digital Education web section and in the Instagram Stories section.