Digital, Lef chooses Zerynth’s IoT to innovate Italian companies

Lef-Lean Experience Factorythe most integrated digital innovation hub to the world that supports companies in digital transformation, has chosen solutions IoT from Zerynth to create a use case for the interconnection of industrial machinery. The goal is to show Italian manufacturing companies how it is possible to standardize the view on their machine park, regardless of the manufacturer and their technological status and innovate your shop floor making it connected in less than 3 hours and with a machine downtime of less than 30 minutes. And the goal is to fully exploit the opportunities of the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

Digitizing older generation machinery for more careful and safer monitoring of production is one of the main challenges for Italian companies and Lef, in particular, was looking for a safe, non-invasive solution, quick to set up and able to digitize both the old generation machinery present in the plant and the new ones. “Thanks to the use of the platform IoT from Zerynth it is now possible for us to have all the useful tools for active monitoring of the production of both old generation machinery and new ones equipped with Plc “explains Marco Olivotto, Managing Director of Lef.” To be able to obtain all the insights and process KPIs it is one of the greatest advantages obtained in order to be able to adopt adequate strategies for the optimization of consumption and thus obtain a real transformation “he adds.

“We are proud to have implemented our technology in a model factory that is all about Italian companies should aspire “says Gabriele Montelisciani, CEO of Zerynth.” The collaboration with Lef demonstrates the innovativeness of our solution and confirms our desire to make the IoT technology easily accessible to all Italian companies, accompanying them in the transition to Industry 4.0 “he explains.