Digital skills, Iulm University of Milan trains 100 employees of MeglioQuesto

Training courses to increase digital skills in our country are on the rise. The executive course on communication and digital culture has ended organized by the IULM University of Milan that he saw participate 100 employees of BetterThis for new skills in the digital communication sector and in multichannel sales. The Angels of MeglioQuesto, the multichannel digital personal assistants, have received academic training to refine the assistance and sales techniques on services and products for the home.

This first team of multichannel assistants will then continue with training on specific topics in the various business sectors of the company: digital, marketing and It. The course, which started at the beginning of October, allowed the 100 participants to explore numerous issues related to the world of strategic, operational and service marketing, allowing them to develop transversal skills in the world of multi-channel management and sales. The growing demand for technological and digital skills “requires resources and new skills for business development strategies aimed at innovation “was remarked by the promoters of the initiative.

“In most cases, the company chooses you based on your skills, I am proud to be part of a company that invests in the internal training of its employees as a resource active of a single large team “commented Sara, 44, a smart mother and one of the 100 students. The academic training promoted by MeglioQuesto in collaboration with the Iulm University of Milan aims to” introduce new methodologies and new work tools “, as well as “new processes to mark the need for technical figures with hybrid skills.” “No more generic salespeople but figures with a digital-oriented mindset, ad hoc formats for e-commerce and digital marketing, able to communicate with stakeholders and all the interlocutors involved in the work process “remark Iulm and MeglioQuesto.