Digiwatt, what it is and how the energy awareness app works

Digiwatt is an application launched by Veos Digital, a startup active in the software production and research and development sector which allows for greater awareness of domestic energy consumption. In fact, through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, Digiwatt disaggregates the consumption of each household appliance, signals any anomalies and indicates best practices for being able to consume less and better energy. That’s not all: the app also helps citizens who wish to join an energy community. But let’s go in order.

How Digiwatt works

“Digiwatt – Simone Geravini, CEO of Veos Digital explains to Sky TG24 – is an application which, connected to a sensor, is able to understand what consumption is inside a home. So the user with his smartphone is able to understand, for example, how much consumption is consumed by the washing machine, the dishwasher and every single appliance in the building. This – continues Geravini – offers a great level of awareness and leads to progressive energy savings because it returns a whole series of recommendations to help reduce consumption”. To access Digiwatt you need to install a smart meter, a sensor, inside the electrical panel of the house (an operation that can be done independently with a minimum of familiarity with the electrical system – but there is also a remote assistance system and the possibility of requesting the intervention of a technician). After which the object starts communicating every ten seconds via Wi-Fi with the Digiwatt servers by sending general consumption data. Then “the magic” happens there: through proprietary algorithms – trained through models of machine learning and artificial intelligence – specific consumption is recognized and a forecast is also made on consumption for each monitored device”. The cost of the service, by subscription, is 60 euros per year.

The benefits and energy communities

“To date, bills – Geravini explains – are perceived as a tax and there is very little awareness of consumption. Through Digiwatt, on the other hand, the item Kilowatthour can be transformed into ‘how much it costs to do the washing machine at 10 in the morning’. Among other things, through the app it is also possible to make comparisons with similar families to understand if we are spending more or less on average”. But what does the energy communities have to do with all this? Meanwhile let’s take a step back: the communities energy sources, encouraged by the State, are a set of autonomous subjects (citizens, companies, institutions, etc.) who come together to practice widespread self-consumption of energy. Digiwatt’s technology is proposed as an enabler for entry into these communities because allows families and businesses to show their interest in this new way of managing energy, in order to reduce the environmental impact and also the bill.The solution, on sale since September 2022, has attracted the interest of several hundred of users and, in the coming months, a new version of Digiwatt dedicated to small and large companies will be introduced which will allow – they assure us – to maximize energy efficiency without disrupting daily office activity.