Diletta Leotta for the boat trip shows off a crazy costume: all crazy for that ‘detail’

For her boat trip Diletta Leotta wore a crazy swimsuit: all crazy about that ‘detail’, it’s incredible.

If for many Italians the holidays are long over, for Diletta Leotta it would seem not to be at all. Just a few hours ago, through an IG story, the Sicilian sports presenter showed herself while she was relaxing during a boat trip.

Diletta in costume. Credits: Instagram

Serie A has officially begun and Diletta Leotta, between interviews on the sidelines and beloved faces of football, has returned to work at full speed. As soon as she can, however, she never misses an opportunity to enjoy a little sun and sea. She did it too a few days ago when, wearing a screaming costume, the host allowed herself a few hours of leisure on the boat with her friends.

The sea looks that our VIPs have been showing off in recent weeks are really screaming. There are those who literally went crazy for Ilary Blasi’s caftan, shown a few days ago in Croatia, and those who could not help but appreciate Federica Nargi’s bikini with the porthole. Even the Diletta Leotta costume, however, it has its own why. And it made all female audiences lose their minds for one particular ‘detail’. Ready to meet him?

Diletta Leotta’s costume drives everyone crazy: pay attention to that ‘detail’, it is unmissable!

Who says that holidays can only be done in the three summer months? In fact, there are those who choose to take their holidays in winter and escape to an exotic place. Of course, this is not the case with Diletta Leotta, but be careful because the Sicilian presenter has a lot to do with what we are about to tell you. If you too have preferred to work in recent months to take advantage of the ‘low season’, we recommend that you pack the swimsuit that DAZN’s face recently wore for a boat trip. We do not know where he is and who he is with – even if we imagine he is in the company of his friends – but what has absolutely not gone unnoticed is the costume that Diletta Leotta showed in one of his very recent shots.

Beautiful as never before, Diletta Leotta wanted to immortalize herself in an unmissable selfie for her large social audience. In addition to her irresistible charm, however, there are those who could not help but notice her bikini, focusing on a particular ‘detail’. Are you curious to see it too?

beloved boat costume
Diletta Leotta Costume. Credits: Instagram

Definitely fabulous, no doubt about it! With a leather-colored swimsuit, in perfect ‘combo’ with the golden tan of her skin and blonde hair, Diletta Leotta puts the female audience in agreement. There is a ‘detail’ that, without a doubt, captivates! Let’s talk about the ring positioned in the center of the bikini from which the laces that the presenter chose to tie around her chest start, refining her silhouette even more.