Diletta Leotta pregnant by Loris Karius launches her first podcast “Mamma Dilettante”

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Diletta Leotta will launch a new podcast in the coming weeks, entitled “Mamma Dilettante”.
The TV presenter of DAZN thus he passes from the field to social media, dedicating himself to a product that will also be possible to follow on YouTube.
And in the meantime he reveals that he is thinking about marriage with his partner, Loris Karius: “I think about it. But he has to ask me. I’m a traditionalist in this,” she revealed in a recent interview with the Corriere della Sera.

Diletta Leotta spoke far and wide during the long interview with Corriere, letting it be known that she will leave the sports fields for two reasons: because Serie A is coming to an end, and also because her pregnancy is progressing.
He therefore decided to embark on a new project, something more compatible with his interesting state.

Her podcast – with the perfect title of “Mamma Dilettante” – will arrive on June 19 and will be a talk in which Diletta Leotta will chat and discuss with some of her friends and acquaintances who are already parents, clearly drawing from her VIP agenda. So there will be many stars, from Michelle Hunziker to the soccer player Alice Pignagnoli. The guests of the sports presenter will be many and varied (with a clear focus on her maternal figure, given that the podcast is titled “Amateur Mom”).

A podcast to ask motherhood advice from those who are already mums

This will be a way to ask for advice and suggestions regarding motherhood.
“The podcast is really used to exorcise fears. Seeing what happened to other women is therapeutic, it makes you feel less alone, you can share any anxieties and understand that everyone has been there and overcome them ”, Diletta Leotta said about her upcoming project.

Love at first sight with Loris Karius

Diletta Leotta told in the interview with Corriere della Sera that with Loris Karius was a real stroke of lightning.
“I was in Paris with my friends for a weekend of all women, we were having dinner in a place full of gorgeous, beautiful girls, just models, because it was Fashion Week. At one point Loris comes in and I say to my friends: girls, the man of my life has come in. No oh well, total love at first sight. At one point he leaves, but he comes back to the door, smiles at me and says hello. We were there until 4 in the morning talking, I liked it straight away,” Leotta said of her partner, the German footballer and Newcastle Utd goalkeeper.

Diletta Leotta is also thinking about marriage, but waits for him to take the first step

“I think about the wedding. But he has to ask me. I’m a traditionalist in this,” confessed the star.
As for the name of her little girl, she said that both she and her partner liked Ofelia very much, which is the name of Diletta Leotta’s mother, however they will not be able to choose that one because her mother has balked, asking her not to proceed.
“We had met on Ofelia, which is my mother’s name. Rare, important, a nice, Shakespearean name. But my mom didn’t want to, she told me that it’s a disgrace for a daughter, that she’s suffered all her life. Too bad, I already had it tattooed on my wrist,” she said.

How she found out she was pregnant.

She also told how she found out she was pregnant: “I found out on December 24, it was a nice Christmas present, totally unexpected and unexpected. I understood that something was wrong because I was in Catania having lunch with friends. I love beer for lunch, but I had a very strange taste, something was wrong. I took the test and it was positive; I experienced a million different emotions,” she explains to the Courier.
“Loris and I had been together for a very short time, but I said to myself: it’s not like if you’ve been together for 10 years, you follow a precise path, you get married, you have children, then it’s certain that you’ll stay together forever. There is no rule. I felt fear, but also total joy with Loris, love to the nth degree, enthusiasm skyrocketing”.

Sweet words about her baby’s dad

On his adored Loris Karius, he says: “Sweet. I can already see him with his daughter, then he is breathtakingly beautiful, crazy cool, he will have such a high reference… poor thing”.
As for the reaction he had at the time of the pregnancy test, when they discovered they were waiting, Leotta says that “he was super happy, we were on a video call from my room, I told him I was about to take the test and he was super calm; he certainly didn’t expect it either. I couldn’t speak, the words didn’t come to me, even in English…”.
The daughter of Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius could be born on August 16, that is precisely on Diletta Leotta’s 32nd birthday. The birth will probably take place in Milan, given that mother Diletta would like to be followed by her gynecologist.