Diletta Leotta’s drama: “I thought my life was over”

I thought my life was over“. So Diletta Leotta tells the world about her moment of great pain.

Diletta Leotta is a sports and radio presenter. Well known to the public, the girl divides a lot. There are those who try envy against him and who instead loves for his way of doing and being.

Diletta Leotta interview (Credit Instagram)

Definitely very beautiful, Diletta tells of a bad drama happened in his past. She was still a minor and had a lot fear.
Let’s see together what it is

I thought my life was over“: the drama of Diletta Leotta

Diletta Leotta works in the sports field, especially as regards the soccer. The girl is also one influencers And model and for this he cares a lot about his own physical aspect.

He spends his days working and playing sports, so he can afford to go out to eat without counting calories.

Many think that Diletta’s life is perfect, but a drama of his past comes back to knock on his door.
I thought my life was overthat I would never leave the house again because the idea that people could look at me even if I had clothes on, I felt naked” exclaims Leotta in a past interview for the program Good or Bad.

Diletta Leotta
Diletta Leotta – Interview with Good or Bad – Credit Instagram

Perhaps not everyone knows that when the presenter was still underage some of his have been circulating on the internet hot photo. They were moments of panic for little Diletta.
“Those photos, in some of which I was a minor, were photos that a girl takes with the naivety of seeing herself in front of a mirror, after a shower” confesses the model still very tried.

She had taken these photos of herself and didn’t have them never send to anyone. One day, someone has them hacked computer and posted them on the web. This is where her drama begins.

The first to realize everything is a friend Diletta who immediately calls her to warn her. “I replied that they certainly weren’t mine, that it wasn’t me, thinking of photomontages” says the presenter who then received the shots from her friend and understood everything.

I felt an emptiness insidemy breath stopped for more than ten minutes, I just couldn’t breathe” confesses Leotta and concludes: “It was a tragic moment“.

Diletta Leotta think back to his past and tell hers terrible drama. Now it’s just a bad memory, but it’s still difficult to erase the sensations she felt in those moments