“Dinner at Maria Latella”, tonight the fourth episode of the new season of the dinner talk

The fourth appointment of the fourth edition of the format created during a convivial dinner with representatives from the world of politics, economics, industry and culture will be broadcast on Friday 1 December at 9pm. Guests of the episode, to talk about the world of work and its modernization, will be Enrico Bertolino, Daniele Grassucci, Elisabetta Olivieri, Silvia Maria Rovere and the Minister of Public Administration Paolo Zangrillo

This evening, Friday 1 December at 9pm, the fourth appointment of the new cycle of “A cena da Maria Latella”, the Sky TG24 Dinner Talk which aims to analyze the world of politics and current affairs, seasoned with a touch of freshness and conviviality. The program is visible on the all news channel and always available on demand on skytg24.it. The hostess, the journalist Maria Latella, who involves the participants with her now iconic ‘dinner’ also offering them many points for discussion and in-depth analysis. “Dinner at Maria Latella’s” transforms guests into diners, making the event unique: between one course and another, eminent figures from the world of politics, economics, industry and of culture gather in a real dining room, far from the lights and television studios, to explore the most relevant themes of politics and current affairs. Each topic is addressed comprehensively, through a profound and engaging debate, but with a more informal style than traditional talk shows and more similar to a dinner with friends (THE FIRST EPISODE – THE SECOND – THE THIRD).

The fourth episode

At the center of the fourth episode of the new cycle, the themes of work and its modernization, a crucial process for adapting working practices to the challenges and opportunities offered by technology and social changes. To understand where the joint efforts of Government, companies and institutions are at to promote digitalisation, the updating of skills and the creation of an environment conducive to this transformation, the guests at the table will be the actor, comedian and trainer Enrico Bertolino ; the director of SKUOLA.NET, the portal for middle school, high school and university students, Daniele Grassucci; the president of Autostrade per l’Italia Elisabetta Olivieri; the president of Poste Italiane Silvia Maria Rovere and the minister of Public Administration Paolo Zangrillo.

Where to see the episode

“Dinner at Maria Latella’s” will be broadcast on Friday 1 December at 9pm on Sky TG24 (Sky channels 100 and 500 and DTT channel 50), repeated on Sunday 3 December at 3pm and available on demand and on skytg24.it.