Diodato: “Bad boos to Geolier but the south has nothing to do with it” – Video

“And the race was between Angelina and Geolier so I don’t think the southern question had anything to do with it”

The boos at Geolier were ugly but anti-Southernism has nothing to do with it. Thus Diodato, in the press conference, talks about the booing of Geolier who came first in the duet evening at Sanremo 2024. “There is always some idiot who writes some nonsense – says the artist – because if the competition was between Angelina and Geolier then I don’t believe the southern issue has nothing to do with it also because I don’t think Angelina is from Milan”.

“It often happens that an audience in the theater can perceive things very strongly and differently from the audience at home” explains Diodato who adds: “Now I’ve only seen the part on TV and it’s bad to hear boos but I don’t think there ‘enter southernism’.

At this festival, made up mainly of rhythmic songs ready to become hits, Diodato certainly represents the author’s share: “I believe that author’s music is well represented in our country and there are colleagues who do enormous numbers and fill halls and stadiums. There’s space and I think there’s an audience that wants that music there. I don’t think the festival decrees the end or a lack of something.”