Dirty wooden spoons? Here’s how to get rid of bacteria without soap

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How do you wash dirty wooden spoons? Eliminating bacteria is essential, but you have to do it right. This solution is perfect, without wasting time!

In most cases when yes they wash the dishes the desired goal is to succeed in the shortest possible time. But often this ambition leads to making mistakes, sometimes even particularly serious, especially when it comes to particular tools like i wooden spoonsold as the cuckoo but that hardly anyone really knows how to wash!

Wooden spoons Credit: Canva

If you think that a little soap and water is enough, you are wrong. If you then think about putting them in dishwasher gives up sooner! The reason? Would you commit the worst possible mistake! Not only will you irreparably damage their functionality, making them useless, but you’ll even risk splitting them in two!

With today’s trick, however, you will no longer have any problems, on the contrary, you will recommend it to everyone you know: it is truly the breakthrough you have been waiting for!

Here’s how to wash wooden spoons properly: perfect cleaning and zero damage

Can wooden spoons complicate the situation while you’re doing chores? Well, not everyone knows but these useful tools they can be a real dangerous receptacle of germs and bacteria. Sanitizing them in an appropriate manner is therefore essential: otherwise do you know how many infections? We therefore reveal to you today how to do it, above all we anticipate that the satisfaction of the result will be a lot.

Follow these instructions step by step and you will see that you will no longer have any qualms about taking advantage of this trick, on the contrary it will become your favorite home secret. In addition to being effective in fact, the remedy in question is also economic And does not pollute the environment!

Lemon juice Credit: Canva

Prepare one powerful blend do it yourself in just 5 minutes! The first ingredient you can’t do without is water, but it’s not enough on its own. In fact, you will have to add the juice of a lemon, three tablespoons of bicarbonate, et voilà, the game is done!

You should first rinse and only after having eliminated all food residues, you can rub the natural sanitizing mix. Finally, to make the wooden spoons even more flawless, rub a little white wine vinegar over them.

This product is another disinfectant powerful and with a perfect clean aroma. You will have to apply it after the aforementioned mixture, because in direct contact with the other two ingredients it may be less potent.

So what are you waiting for? Practice this trick, it’s easier said than done.