Disabled information prospectus 2023 expiring on January 31st, how to do it and the sanctions

The self-certification must be delivered by all employers, public and private, with more than fifteen employees who have changed their workforce from the previous year

Tomorrow, Tuesday 31 January, is the last day for the presentation of the Prospectus for disabled people by public and private employers who manage workforces of fifteen or more employees. The document has the task of bringing companies into compliance with law 68/1999 and must be sent by employers only if their workforce has undergone changes compared to the previous year. The purpose of the prospectus is to share company information with employment offices which have the task of enforcing current legislation on the matter.

The obligations to fulfill

In order not to incur penalties, the company must indicate its situation regarding the obligations to hire disabled personnel or personnel belonging to protected categories, together with the tasks available. In the self-certification, the employer must therefore indicate: the total number of employees, the number and name of workers that can be counted as a reserve quota and the number of tasks available for disabled workers. The reserve quota means the number of seats reserved for workers with disabilities, which companies with over 15 employees are obliged to hire, calculated on the basis of the total number of workers present. Companies with 15 to 35 employees must hire at least one disabled worker, those with 36 to 50 employees at least two and those with more than 50 employees at least 7% of the staff.

Sanctions for those who fail to meet the deadline

The Disabled Information Prospectus must be sent exclusively electronically, by accessing the self-certification management system with Spid and completing the online form, by tomorrow.

The sanction for employers who fall within this obligation and fail to comply with it provides for a fine of €702.43, plus €34.02 for each day of delay in sending the Prospectus.