Disabled, no entry to the Ortona employment center

The complaint of Lorenzo, 34 years old in a wheelchair: “Obstacles at the entrance of the structure, in accessing the bathrooms, along the corridors and in the internal rooms”. Mayor Castiglione: “Available to find a new location, sent a note to the Region known with a feasibility study”

Obstacles at the entrance to the structure, in accessing the bathrooms, along the corridors and in the internal rooms. This is the situation of the building where the Ortona Employment Center is located today, and it has now become unsustainable. Those with mobility problems in the lower limbs cannot in fact have the freedom to access them easily and to take advantage of services of fundamental importance. Denouncing this “total lack of attention” for people with disabilities, is Lorenzo Torto, 34 years old confined to a wheelchair, who bitterly recounts the ‘vicissitudes’ which those with motor difficulties are forced to and the neglect in which a public good.

“I would like – says Lorenzo to the Adnkronos – that all Italian citizens experience the lack of accessibility not as a rudeness towards a disabled person, but as an outrage to themselves, an offense to the entire citizenship. Faced with the continuous spread of numerous injustices that in Italy, disabled people still have to suffer in silence – he continues – there are many obstacles that have yet to be overcome “.

Lorenzo therefore hopes that there will be, on the part of our institutions “an opportunity for reflection, verification, commitment for the institutions and for our entire society in the effective equality of opportunities and the full exercise of citizenship rights by part of those who have physical, intellectual or relational disabilities, constitute goals of freedom and humanity for each of us and for the communities in which we participate.But unfortunately, many obstacles still have to be overcome: in daily life, in economic structures and social, in the prejudices of those who evade the duties of solidarity “.” I want to remember – he adds – that the level of civilization of a people and a State is also measured by the ability to ensure inclusion, equal opportunities, rights for people with disabilities and participation in all areas of public, social and economic life “.

Among the most urgent problems, reported, an external grid with gaps of more than 2 centimeters, potentially dangerous for the wheels of a wheelchair; the access ramp, which has a gradient of about 35% when the standard provides for a maximum gradient of 8%. (the use of this ramp was prohibited only with a tape and a sign, makeshift and at least improvised means). Another serious problem reported the total inaccessibility of the toilets due to an important step without a ramp.

“But – continues Lorenzo Torto – further inconveniences are also caused by cables left on the ground which represent other obstacles for users. This is joined by the malfunctioning of darkening elements of some windows of the building which have been blocked for a long time; this makes continuous use of artificial lighting is necessary and prevents adequate air exchange. “” We cannot accept – he concludes – that buildings in which services are provided to the Region are abandoned in these conditions. Neither users nor workers deserve it. that guarantee the best possible service “.

The response of the mayor of the center of Chietino was not long in coming and, ensuring the availability of finding a new location, he highlighted the technical difficulties for an adaptation of the premises. “When we became aware of the closure of the access ramp – says the mayor of Ortona Leo Castiglione to Adnkronos – we immediately took action and in the meeting called by the Region we communicated that there are no technical conditions to do the works of adaptation in those premises, for which we communicated our willingness to find a new headquarters for the CPI. After a few days we sent the Region a note with a feasibility study for a new office with the calculation of the adaptation works. waiting for the Region to know how to proceed “.