Disappearance of Maddie McCann, Julia’s post: It’s me. I want to do the DNA test

“I think it could be me Maddie McCann. British and Polish investigators ignore me. she will tell my story in posts. Help me”. She goes crazy on Instagram the story of a girl named Julia, who claims to be the British girl who disappeared in Portugal in 2007 but according to the investigators she was killed shortly after her disappearance by the German pedophile Christian Brueckner.

The similarity

Green eyes, blond hair, freckles on the face, slightly round face and protruding chin. The resemblance to little Maddie is there. The woman named Julia makes an appeal on social media and in a few days the account collects over 200,000 followers. The girl in the video says she is in contact with an alleged cousin of Madeleine who would have spoken of the possibility of comparing her DNA with that of the child’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann. But the McCann family has so far not commented. Also on the post the young woman claims to be 21 years old but she also believes her age on her documents is false. In fact, Madeleine would have been 19 today. Julia said she began to suspect she was Maddie after a few innuendoes made by her grandmother. In support of her claims she has published photos with details that would prove her true identity. Among these stands out the speck in her right eye, just like Maddie’s and a birthmark on her leg.

Maddie’s disappearance

Maddie’s case dominated the news for many years: the little girl disappeared at the age of 4 from a holiday home in the Algarve, Portugal, while her parents were having dinner a few tens of meters away. Although German investigations concluded that Brueckner was the culprit (he was already in prison for other crimes when the announcement was made), her body has never been found.