Discount on petrol excise duties, Tabarelli: “We no longer needed resources for bills”

The president of Nomisma Energia: “The Draghi government already had to do it”

“This elimination of the discount on fuel excise duties it is something that the previous Draghi government already had to do. The discount was introduced when the price of petrol was very high because oil was very high in March just after the war started. Then the prices collapsed and it was useless to continue. It was almost an incentive to consume more in a moment of crisis in which we are giving families and businesses more money” to meet the high bills. This was stated to Adnkronos by the president of Nomisma Energia, Davide Tabarelli.

The price of fuel, he recalls, “had fallen to 1.6 euros per litre. We started from 2.2 euros per liter when the discount was introduced by the Draghi government. We returned to 1.8 euros per litre, we are still very below the peak of 2.2. The discount was no longer needed. These resources now enter the state coffers to help families and businesses to help them meet their gas and electricity bills”. (Of Emmanuel Cazale)