Disguise test: choose a mask and find out if you are sincere

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Choose a mask and find out if you are sincere with the disguise test

Do you remember when you were children and you you disguised as a chef, princess, teacher or pizza maker? We dreamed big and we thought we could become anything we wanted.
Over the years, however, we have realized that sometimes we use masks not to show who we really are.

Dress up test – just gossip

This is why we offer you the disguise test to find out how much you are sincere with yourself and with others.
Make a simple one choice and finally discover who you are.
Let’s explore the various options

Dress-up test: choose one possibility and find out if you are sincere

In this disguise test we put you in front of six masks. Choose the one you like best and read the answer corresponding to the opted number. Only in this way will you be able to find out if you are a person sincere or less.
Let’s find out together truth

1) One

You want to hide yours in all worlds true feelings. Are you afraid that someone will abuse your emotionality and abandon you or manipulate you.
For this way of being, you appear cold and serious, but whoever is a true friend of yours knows that you are kind and sweet when you can trust.

2) Two

You are not sincere with yourself, why hide yours determination and tenacity. Perhaps for superstition, you absolutely do not want to let others understand how much you care about your goals.
You are actually a lot gritty and you have the strength of a lion in the face of his prey.

3) Three

You just don’t know how reveal your feelings. You just have some difficulty in opening your heart.
Only with time and a lot of demonstration, when you really trust, can you finally talk about everything that’s going through your head and your heart.

4) Four

You don’t like revealing your ideas and thoughts. You have fear that others can help you judge stupid and so you prefer not to talk.
You have to trust more than yourself because every time you set yourself a goal you achieved it with flying colours. Be yourself and Believe it!

5) Five

You love to observe and study others. Not a single detail escapes you, but you are unable in expressing yours thoughts.
You hide this gift of yours in understanding others with a single glance. But when you notice that someone is sick, you approach them and immediately give them a hand. It’s only in these moments that your friends realize how much you are empathetic.

6) You are

You’re hopeful you’ll read a different response than you expect, but you’ve already figured it out: you tend to hide yours ache.
When something happens to you sadhide your mood with a great smile and go on your way. It’s okay to take life smiling, but face up even your ache. It will be useful to you.

disguise test
Mask – just gossip

What is the option you have chosen?