Disney Unveils First Plus-Size Heroine in ‘Reflect’ Short Film

Disney treated fans to its first plus-size heroine for a powerful short film about body dysmorphia.

In the company’s 85-year history of making movies, plus-size characters have only appeared in roles as villains or extras, and fans are full of praise for the change.

The film, titled Reflect, follows the story of a young plus-size ballet dancer named Bianca, “who fights against his own reflection, overcoming doubt and fear by channeling his inner strength, grace and power.”

Directed by Hillary Bradfieldthe film is part of the second series of Short Circuit, a series of experimental short films.

The animation has left fans in tears, with one viewer writing that she wished the movie had been made when she was a child.

She tweeted: “I, 16, needed this Disney short before I quit ballet because I didn’t want to be the fat girl in class anymore. I’m glad the little ones have this. 10/10 for Reflect!’

Other viewers shared: ‘I saw this Disney short film called Reflect and it tore me up emotionally. She is a little plus size girl doing ballet and the mirrors of her start to swallow her due to the insecurity of her body, but she destroys them by dancing anyway.’

The film has garnered mixed reviews online.

“This is very encouraging and I’m glad Disney has decided to include a ‘plus size’ heroine.”, one person tweeted.