Dj Aniceto: “Good Piantedosi, rave parties are to be razed to the ground”

“I have always been against, completely anarchist meetings where drugs circulate and there is the most absolute illegality”

“I support the actions taken by the Minister of the Interior, Planted: I’ve always been against rave parties, completely anarchist gatherings where drugs circulate and there is absolute illegality. I’ll say more: I’m for razing rave parties!” He doesn’t mince words DJ Anicetointerviewed by AdnKronos, in supporting the rules on rave parties elaborated by Keep them in mindafter the amendments presented by the opposition were rejected by the government majority.

For DJ Aniceto“they are places where illegal and totally anarchic behavior is encouraged, so-called ‘libertarian’ islands which in reality are only ‘irregular’, illegal; and for this very reason they should not exist, also to avoid health risks and violent demonstrations. In the past I they’ve also invited them to some rave parties but I’ve never attended: I don’t want to be the jukebox of a possible teenagers’ funeral”.

DJ Aniceto underlines “the need to place clear limits, even on freedoms, which cannot be without borders if we want to prevent illegality from taking over and certain behaviors from prevailing and taking root, especially in Italy, given that in other countries, France first of all, there are even stronger restrictions. An identical law would be needed throughout Europe, to avoid these transmigrations in our country of people who are not well with their brains…”.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)