DJI presents the new Mic 2 wireless microphones: here is our test

All creators, journalists, bloggers and in general those who love recording audio now have an additional product to choose from: DJI presented the new DJI Mic 2, a microphone system created – they explain – “with the promise of capturing the brilliance of different sounds”. It is a system composed, depending on the version purchased, of a transmitter and one or two receivers, with the characteristic of being able to record the two audio streams simultaneously. The receiver can be connected both to other DJI devices (such as the Osmo Pocket 3) and to smartphones, computers or other devices equipped with Bluetooth, and even to cameras.

The packaging and operation of the microphones

DJI sent us the most complete version for testing, the one with a receiver and two microphone-transmitters. Inside the package we also find a comfortable leather case, the charging case and two wind shields for the two microphones. The clip design is convenient, which allows you to easily attach the microphones to clothing but perhaps the most convenient method is that of the magnet, also present among the accessories. On the receiver we find a convenient OLED display capable of showing real-time audio levels, wireless signal quality, gain, recording methods and more. You can also connect headphones to the receiver to monitor the recorded audio.

The technology behind Mic 2

DJI Mic 2 comes with 8GB of memory for each transmitter. According to DJI, it offers 14 hours of uncompressed audio recording at 48 kHz and 24 bit. The maximum audio transmission distance is 250 meters in open environments; each transmitter and receiver has an autonomy of 6 hours. DJI Mic 2 is equipped with omnidirectional audio capture functions optimized for vocal clarity thanks also to innovative noise reduction technology capable – for example – of eliminating background noise when recording audio in very crowded environments such as trade fairs, stations, airports, roads and so on. Even the wind is not a problem thanks to a wind shield that ensures the recording of clean and crystal-clear sounds. Among the features we appreciated is the Safety Track function: next to the main audio track it is possible to simultaneously record a second track, at a lower level than the first (-6 dB) in order to protect the recordings from audio peaks sudden, characteristic of our speech.

Our test, availability and prices

We have tested DJI Mic 2 in numerous situations connected to both the iPhone and the PC and we can be very satisfied with the audio performance, even in very noisy situations such as CES, the largest electronics fair in the world held in Las Vegas. Vegas in early January. The speech in the DJI Mic 2 video review was also recorded with these microphones, and the result was excellent. We encountered some small problems when connecting to a PC with Windows 11: the receiver is correctly recognized as an external microphone but not as external memory (and this makes updating the software problematic, for example). However, no problem with the Mac. According to the prices, there are two configurations: the most complete, the one that includes two transmitters, a receiver and the charging case costs 349 euros and also includes an audio cable, two smartphone adapters (USB- C and Lightning), two wind shields, two magnetic clips, the charging cable and a carrying bag. The cheapest version, with a receiver and a transmitter, costs 219 euros.

Pros and cons


  • Excellent recording quality
  • Simple to use, it is immediately recognized by smartphone or PC


  • Some difficulty performing software updates on Windows 11