Djokovic, Burioni: “A donkey loses even if he wins”

The virologist still stings the Serbian, victorious at the ATP Finals against Sinner

Novak Djokovic beats Jannik Sinner and wins the 2023 ATP Finals. On X, Roberto Burioni flies among the trends. Why? Simple. The virologist on Wednesday, when the Italian beat the Serbian, tweeted a photo of Djokovic intent on miming crying. The message combined with the image was eloquent: “First dose”. Burioni has long stigmatized the positions of Djokovic, a declared anti-vaxer, and in the past he has expressed himself critically towards the Serbian tennis player. In 2022, Djokovic was expelled from Australia precisely because he was not vaccinated against covid. “Cassius Clay put his reputation and career on the line to oppose the war in Vietnam. Djokovic did the same thing to oppose an effective vaccine that saves our lives,” the doctor wrote at the beginning of last year.

Djokovic, in reality, has continued to win since last year and also triumphed in Turin. Burioni, therefore, returned to the topic with a new message. “Facts: 1) Djokovic is one of the greatest champions of all time, congratulations! 2) the vaccine against Covid is safe and effective even if some dunces (no one excluded) say the opposite and in spite of the aforementioned dunces it has saved dozens of millions of lives. 3) Go Sinner! 4) he who is an ass loses even if he wins. (on Twitter the characters ran out, not here)”, the text published by the virologist on Facebook.