Dl Cutro, Pd angry on ‘kangaroo’ amendment: majority withdraws it

The dem in the Senate against Ciriani: “Broken pact of loyalty by presenting an amendment that in fact ‘rewrites’ a large part of the text, bullshit”. The minister: “No tricks or deceit”. The IV Paita: “We’ll close it by tomorrow”

Irritation of the Democratic Party in the Senate, where it is underway the examination of the Cutro decree. The dem, while the conference of group leaders is underway, point the finger at the Minister of Relations with Parliament Luca Ciriani: “The minister – attack Pd sources – broke a loyalty pact by presenting a kangaroo amendment which in fact ‘rewrites’ a large part of the text, after having promised that he would not. We are protesting against a ‘crap'”. After protests by the opposition, the majority then withdrew the ‘kangaroo’ amendment to the legislative decree. “The kangaroo has returned to Australia,” the president of the Democratic Party senators comments ironically Francesco Bocciaat the end of the group leaders’ conference, immediately convened this morning after the session was suspended at the beginning.

“This morning – continued Boccia – we were very irritated because we believed that the loyalty pact that must always be respected when discussing the rules of the game had been violated: I acknowledge that President La Russa has made everyone return to yesterday’s commitments. The opposition yesterday he asked to discuss the merits of the Cutro decree, which we dispute, and above all to go into the merits of the salient points: I am referring to articles 5 and 7, that is, reception and special protection. All this would not have been possible at cause of this shameful kangaroo built by the forces of the majority between yesterday evening and this morning”. “It is clear that there would have been a harsh reaction on our part in the Chamber, prevented by this conference of group leaders which ended with an agreement” thanks to which “we will go to the Chamber and democratically discuss over 400 amendments”, he continues the exponent dem.

“The government hasn’t betrayed any pact. We filed the few amendments that we indicated to the group leaders yesterday. They were communicated to the opposition in time, to allow the sub-amendments to work. This is how it was and remains so, there is no trick and no deception”, replies to Adnkronos il Minister for Relations with Parliament Luca Ciriani, after the protests of the opposition in the Senate. “The (majority, ed) groups have presented amendments to protect themselves against an obstructive activity that could have called into question the approval but the government has done nothing, has presented few amendments, is willing to think about the merits and allow the opposition to do their job. This is what we have reiterated even now in group leaders”, says the Fdi exponent.

“We will close it by tomorrow. The explanations of vote will be there tomorrow. Now we are starting again with the amendments, they (the majority, ed) withdraw the kangaroo amendment because this would have canceled everything and we, while maintaining almost all the amendments, guarantee a discussion ordered in such a way as to be able to finish tomorrow”, said the president of the Action-IV senators at the end of the conference of group leaders Raffaella Paita. “The kangaroo amendment – underlined Paita – would have made this discussion much more complicated because it violated our right to have space in the discussion”.