Dl rave, after trust ahead with agendas: vote from tomorrow at 7pm

Sitting river, the ‘guillotine’ hypothesis remains for conversion by 30 December

After the vote of confidence this afternoon on the decree law containing the anti-rave rules, life imprisonment, justice reform and Covid, the session of the Chamber will continue with the illustration of the 157 agendas, which will be put to the vote from tomorrow at 19. This was established by the Conference of group leaders. We will therefore continue with river and night sessions, which will in any case have to be decided by the Chamber.

After the vote on the agendas, we will move on to the declarations of vote on the provision which must be converted into law by Friday 30. To understand what the outcome of the works will be, it will be necessary to verify if and how the Speaker of the Chamber will decide to exercise his prerogatives, therefore if he will decide to resort to the so-called ‘guillotine’ to cut the amendments and then pass the vote on the decree to avoid its forfeiture.

Certainly on the use of the guillotine the Minister for Relations with Parliament Luca Ciriani (Fdi): “We will do so, all attempts to find a mediation have failed. The opposition intends to go to confrontation in an unreasonable manner, we will necessarily have to resort to this tool,” he said as a guest of ‘Today is another day’ on Rai Uno.