Do not imagine what Elodie did before success

Not everyone knows this background about the singer: do you know what Elodie did before becoming famous as she is today?

Elodies she is one of the most popular singers on the music scene. Her gritty and passionate voice, she is able to convey very strong emotions and sensations through her songs. Her career took off in no time. Impossible not to mention her in the fifteenth edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi. In her talent show with her voice she conquered the audience enough to reach the finals.

What Elodie did before Amici: the background – Credits: instagram (sologossip)

He was then classified in second place. After this experience, others followed that led her to tread many different stages and every time the audience was there to cheer her and sing her songs. Her impressive success came after participating in the Sanremo Festival in 2017, with All my fault. Her first time on stage at the famous music festival dates back to 6 years ago, but over the years we have seen her other times. Also this year the singer is part of the big names and brings the song entitled Due.

Today everyone loves her and her songs are very listened to, as well as becoming catchphrases every time, but even before becoming famous, do you know what he did? It was she herself who told it several times: let’s find out what Elodie did before arriving at Amici di Maria De Filippi.

Elodie, do you know what the singer did before the success? Not everyone knows this backstory

The 63rd edition of the San Remo Festival. Amadeus, once again at the helm, has revealed in recent weeks who the big names in the race are. Not only that, but he also let it be known who will be co-hosts alongside him. Chiara Ferragni will open the first evening. The influencer will also be present on the last evening.

Then there will be Francesca Fagnani, Chiara Francini and Paola Egonu. To support the conductor, you will know it well, there will be Gianni Morandi. Among the singers that we will have the pleasure of listening there is also Elodies. It is not her first participation in the Kermesse, the first time dates back to 2017 when she brought the song Tutto my fault. She then took part in it again in 2020 with Andromeda and now brings the song Two. In recent years the artist has trod important stages. You will remind Amici when we got to know her voice. But before that, do you know what he did?

what did he do before
Elodie, not everyone knows: what she did before – Credits: instagram (sologossip)

A few years ago, a guest on Francesca Fialdini’s ‘Da noi… a freewheeling’ program, Elodie said that at the time she moved to Lecce for love and that she worked as a waitress. Immediately afterwards she had the proposal to work as a cubist, a profession which she then began to carry out. We know well what happened next.