Do not stay without seeing the sexy and daring video of BELA, the Chilean who sang with Snoop Dogg and Alemán

The Chilean singer Gabriela Merinoknown as beautiful, just released his first album “00”. The album has a pop trap sound and empowered lyrics, presenting a unique proposal on the national urban scene. Bela is a revelation artist who became known for having collaborated with renowned artists such as Snoop Dogg and German.

A fun and exclusive album

Bela defines her first album as material intended for all kinds of people, full of explosions and roller coasters, presenting a strong and intense personality. The single “00“, whose video is already available on his channel Youtubeis a trap song that deals with feminine strength without justifications, without asking for excuses or permissions.

On the album you can also find collaborations with artists such as kya, Liah Veliz, Cheskv Lizz, slimmy cure and Big truconewhom Bela chose for the range of sounds they can deliver together.

The origin of Bella

Bela is a native of Quilpué, in the Valparaíso Region, and has always been linked to the performing arts. She studied languages, did theater and dance for ten years, being the first hip hop soloist to appear in the theater of the Catholic University.

Bela & friends

For this 2023, Bela plans to release a trap EP called “Bela & friends”, a work in which the artist will have the collaboration of close friends.

Bela’s infinite circle

The name of the single “00” and of Bela’s album arises from its meaning in the creation of the universe, from the figure of the circle and the cycles. “Zero represents the void, nothing, the infinite, and what is not manifesting itself. But it also refers to the figure of the circle, the cycles and the creation of the universe,” explains the singer.

Listen and enjoy the video “00”, the new from BELA: